The Gems of Sydney

Australia is definitely a country you have to put on your bucket list. Whether you are frequent traveler or just that one time tourist, you just have to put 'The Land Down Under' on your list of places to visit. But Australia is just a wonder to behold. It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world from a financial standpoint as well as from a nature lover's point of view. They take care of their land in all ways possible. But what areas in Australia should you see? The first on your list where you can just get lost in all the things you could do is in Sydney, Australia. Let's narrow down the 20 places to see in Sydney.
You'll have to start in the heart of Sydney - more particularly, the Central Business District (CBD) where you can shop 'til you drop with which is what CBD is most known for. Next on the list is to find out where it all started with some stops in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Justice Police Museum, and the Australian Museum. After a good stroll in Sydney's cultural hotspots, next in the 20 places to see in Sydney would be the Royal Botanic Gardens for the best harbour views. You can then take a turn to the notable Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay for some amazing architecture in all its grandeur. Bennelong Point is close to the Opera House which is another turn you shouldn't miss. Once you're done with the suburbs of Sydney, you can't let go of the most amazing beaches. You can start off with Bondi Beach for some surfing, and then move to Coogee Beach which is not too far off. Manly Beach should be next on your list for a good stroll around the Manly Markets. Cronulla Beach could be your last stop for some great hiking and swimming.
This is just a tip of the ice berg in the 20 places to see in Sydney. You shouldn't let go of the chance to experience their holidays and festivals all year round as well. With so much fun and adventure, there will definitely much more to expect in the 20 places to see in Sydney than intended.

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